Learn Bulgarian™ App Reviews

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vraiment bien

great tool. easy and efficient


Nice app and useful

I love it

I love it. I can finally confuse my friend. Its my life to learn Bulgarian.

Great tool

Plenty of various exercises, would recommend an option for slower pronunciation.

Good application for learning Bulgarian

Still needs updates but a good start point

Great App

It is absolutely a wonderful app to memorize or remember easily the essential words in several categories


Love it. Really helped my daughter get over the first level of learning the language.

Great tool for beginners

Useful tool to learn Bulgarian. Highly recommend


So easy to learn with images and pronunciation. Love it love it.


This is a great program! I love how it is so organized and easy to learn although its pretty hard because its a complete new language with a new alphabet so its new letters and its looks so cool but it is a handful!!


I was planning to visit Bulgaria in a few months and this app helped me learn the basic words to help me get by during my visit. Highly recommended since I couldnt find many websites that teach Bulgarian. Thanks for your hard work!

Wrong! Incorrect translation!

Dont trust it! Pronounced sistra in English is not aunt. Pronounced sein in English is not brother. It sounds like brot. The words and sounds are wrong. I was in the family section; could be a code error that goes to every field below it. But dont study this!

First visit

This is very helpful. It is helping me learn the sounds of the letter and the nuance of the sounds while learning the vocabulary

Learn Bulgarian

Is a very easy program, clear and functional, I love it and revommended.

Best & easiest to use

Ive tried a number of Bulgarian apps and this is easily my favorite. Simple interface and easy to navigate through the features of the app.

Fun and easy!

This Ap is great!! Fun and easy way to pick up a little Bulgarian:)


A fantastic learning program. You did a great job, thank you.

Great intro app!!

Great intro app!!


Very good app for practicing vocab, reviewing it and for the enrichment of your Bulgarian vocabulary.

Constantly Crashes

It constantly crashes. I cant even use it. It looks like it would be a nice app, if it worked.

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